paula: My story

My story

20 Apr 2016 um 20:45
I am adventurous, outgoing, open minded very friendly, kind, sensitive, and I have said very laid back. Always believe in speaking my true feelings and I hate liars with a passion. I'm the kind of "Man" which is nothing but devotion, honesty and trust would only give allegiance to a relationship and being. I am so ready for deployment at this point in my life, but would like to take it slow at first and build up to a serious relationship full of beauty, passion, emotional and physical intimacy. I realize that a relationship is not alone. Want to make sure this is right, because if I say commitment, I mean a lifetime commitment and that is something I really seriously. Would like to find someone who feels the same way. I'm not jealous person of a control freak, I think a healthy relationship is the result of each insertion 50/50. I like to open doors and pull out chairs and give flowers for no reason, I think little things like that really matters. I would really, really like someone who still loves the little things like cuddling found under the stars or in the vicinity of a warm fire, staring into each other's eyes without a word, soft touches and kisses, and whispers of love saying all these things are made that much more special if you're with the one you really love. I am really a man who would never be afraid to hold your hand or kiss in public.

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