paula: *****The Best stands *****

*****The Best stands *****

20 Apr 2016 um 20:59
I want a woman who is willing to experience the sex of her life with me. I am interested in a woman her fantasy about a man like me, so if you get hot. I love someone who is available to invest time. I especially admire a woman who is sincere ...
Emotionally mature, thoughtful, loyal, good power and generous, kind heart to communicate, and loves social activities ..
I fall in love easily and I think you are not hard to do the age difference between us. Age is just a number and the distance can be covered quickly enough as far as we want to win and love. So much from each other and willing to start a new love story. I am a man already 65 and I never cheat on my wife as long as it does not work, cheat on me and it gives me the required care, love, attention, pampering and makes me fell like a king, her only and never be ashamed to tell the world how much she loves me. I'm 1.66 tall and weigh 68 kg, blue eyes, red hair, but from bottom to top shaved.
Sexual pleasure is, Wildness, audacity and sensuality!
Doggy style, there is a very deep penetration and are united the two bodies.
The partner can determine the angle of the penetration in order to enjoy a variety of ways,
Enjoy you also like ..? I experience still like the sexual contact and I should not be ashamed here, I'm telling someone right up front and dare what others think but .. Greetings to go very well ... Paul bless you ...

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  • 16 Jul 2016 um 00:43
    I am an easy-going person and I like to socialize with interesting people. I am interested in many things, my eyes and my mind are open for everything new. I am very single-minded and life taught me that if you want to achieve something you have to work hard. I am not afraid of making the first step in relations and I can easily show my interest to a man I like. I have a big and kind heart and I am ready to share it for my future true love!


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